“Mid” “Terms”

If you’re republican and thought you’d maintain total domination after midterms, you were naive. If you’re democrat and think your small victory in congress has anything to do with you and your will, that’s also naive, and I already hated you.

If my memory serves, the last time a president’s party held their majority in congress after midterms was Carter. So back when neoliberalism was developing its hellworld reign.

The plutocracy doesn’t want either side to hold too much power for too long, so of course power gets flipped, the gop did a good job to stop the bleeding, even with the predictable stab in the back from…individuals like Bill Kristol and other neocon war hawks who are the most disloyal parasites you’re likely to find.

The prolonged democrat theft of seats in Arizona and Florida are also predictable. I don’t know if this is stereotypical incompetence on the dems part or if it is their need to violate that makes them so openly use fraudulent ballots and other tricks.

But it doesn’t matter, this result is preordained because the masses of people who stupidly put their trust in the parties of this system cannot be helped. So the gridlock of this government now runs interference to block change.

The politicians will portray themselves as heroes, martyrs, saints, and saviors in grotesque psychodramas that emotionally manipulated populations accept as “real.” None of this will help you.

The rich already got their tax cut, the industrialists their permits to destroy and all the other gimmes these scum need from republicans. Now the libs, so useless and incompetent in their duties to progressive causes, will settle on self righteous self esteem building as they fight the bad orange man.

Anton LaVey was right.


Reincarnation Technics

Consider yourself doomed. You were born into a diseased culture whose main objective was poisoning you. To make you dependent on it, the leviathan of the state. It bred you to not be able to survive outside of it. It gelded your mind to not be able to imagine a world without it. And it destroyed as much of the natural world as it could to ensure there was nowhere to escape to.

Two suppositions: a. Only a desperate, unsustainable system would behave so. B. We will return in new bodies, in a new age.

So, if we will return and the system will collapse, then eventually we will return to Eden. The question is then, what do we do with our goblin selves, in this bio-Leninist shithole?

Odin might say, build your honor, and it will last over many lifetimes. What is honorable? I’d sure like to know.

Normal is not an option

I stare into the tweet and demons stretch out, multiple monsters come forth to dare me to describe them.

The first is that he’s praising neo-cons because they resist Trump’s rudeness. Not his policies, which would be acceptable under an administration headed by a dignified stooge of the establishment. The shallowness of their criticism, in light of the world predicament, is sad.

Speaking of that worldwide trouble, I want to ask this big brained economist how someone who was responsible for the Iraq war, can remain in public life and be said to have genuine principles? If everyone acknowledges what a mistake it was, from the planning to the execution to the post-Saddam “rebuilding”, that it killed a million people and still isn’t over, then why do these people not hide away in shame? Why does Max Boot pontificate on tv still, to promote his pontificating book? Why is William Kristol still around? And why is liberal Paul Krugman giving them credit instead of denouncing them?

Tax cutters are morally bankrupt for blowing up the debt; but what about blowing up cities full of people? And mind you the neo-cons aren’t done yet, listen to the Iran propaganda they pump out. How dangerous is that, Krugman?

So, why? Well, you can’t talk about that. It’s obvious to me, and maybe you too, but we wouldn’t say it out loud. There’s a similarity between Krugman and most neo-cons that entitles them to special privileges normal people don’t get. If you mention it, your life will never be normal again.

So, until people admit the normality they’ve been sold, which allows them to be mindless workers and consumers, is no longer morally tenable, these monsters get to kill whoever they want. And blame you for it.

Set up for failure

Articles aren’t for reading, they’re for headline sharing and pwning your imagined ideological opponents who wouldn’t care even if they existed.

Warren really sucks. She’s taking a victory lap over Trump and really enjoying the media fanfare. But here’s two caveats: 1. At most she is 1/64 Native American. 2. Even that is questionable because those results are for Mexican and South American dna, native Americans do not give genetic samples to these lab tester people. So you might say the whole thing is made up.

Yet every news story is She’s a Native American! It’s so cheap and transparent. It’s so babies can feel superior to Trump. Why are we being herded to hate Trump and love Warren? Hmmm, it’s as though we live in a broken system and rich plutocrats who own the media want to offload the hatred the population feels for all rich people on to one symbolic figure.

I wanted to be progressive but it’s impossible. The viable progressive momentum is all in service to the same plutocracy it’s supposed to be against. There will never be proletarian self determination. The only thing they can’t take is our freedom to think for ourselves and when they try to trick me that’s the final insult.


I saw this posted, it seemed to be presented unironically. It’s almost refreshing, since this at least implies optimism. We once spent so much time and energy ridiculing this sentiment, saying it was a trap, a con, a scam.

The plutocracy doesn’t even need to give us the empty promise of becoming rich, they are fine with us being cynical people wearing They Live glasses. We still toil for survival at our present level.

As they flush the world down the drain, they’ll just make us work harder, as we’ve already accepted too much of their bullshit. In exchange for slavery we are given drugs of every type and propaganda to keep the machine going. Marx and Engels were too optimistic themselves.

The economic relations between the plutocracy and their subjects can be traced through horror. The Universal monster movies were full of wonderful melodrama set in bougie upper class worlds where old money and scientific progress collided in amusing and fatal ways.

The slasher movie trend started as neo-liberalism took over and enterprising teens in the babysitting and camp counseling businesses ran smack into the red of corporate consolidation. Yes, I am saying this.

Now, of course, there are no movies. Films are the passé choice of a population who need constant distraction from reality. Blumhouse is the pathetic end product of a once wonderful art form, a production company not so much of films but of downloads for the machine man’s instant gratification. They used to call Friday the 13th type films disposable. They hadn’t seen anything yet, as these cheap plutocrats repackage those liscensable characters of that “disposable” yet still creative era and pump it full of the latest propaganda to help us accept our destruction.

Indigenous day

I’m sure we’ll be able to explain this one to everyone’s satisfaction and enlightenment!

So everyone says to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day. I wonder if this was done to make the world better or for the plutocracy to divide people further? 🤔

The people who want to change the day are not capable of being indigenous, they live in this artificial civilization that requires the death of the planet. They want to be complete assholes and to feel good about themselves. If they all commit suicide, we can have indigenous peoples day.

It’s said indigenous people were barbaric and killed each other. The fact is they lived sustainably for tens of thousands of years. That is a feat no civilized man today can hope for his culture. They never invented the wheel? They didn’t need to.

There’s no reason to hate either side, who says that we, from our vantage point, must choose one side over the other? We are neither one, and we have a choice for our destiny. Or do we? Anyway, it’s all virtue signaling. The shitlibs are always worse though, so vive Columbus!