Birth of a Creepblog

This is the post excerpt.


Hello and welcome to a mild time waster on the net! I’m Dario and do I ever have opinions! I’m starting to record them here  on impulse; there is no master plan or entrepreneurial spirit. I’m not funded by right wing Dark money 😞. The world is crazy, it’s as though America is an asylum for every wrongheaded malady that can be conceived by the squishy grey matter of our skulls. I think it would be a laugh to examine some of them.

Ftr, I’m beginning this in the wake of the Charlottesville disaster and it is becoming apparent that we are in an asylum and perhaps an Invisible War is being waged on us. So I hope to cover this too.

I hope to get to know you and exchange ideas. Also insults, jabs, jokes, and pwnages because we cannot be overly sensitive in these times. I will be respectful unless I really can’t help it.

Before I close, I’ll list a few of my influences to give a sense of where I’m coming from: Noam Chomsky, Slavoj Zizek, Chapo Trap House, The Young Turks, HL Mencken, The Dollop, Last Podcast on the Left, and the movie Pieces.


Who am I against this time?

I actually responded to this with a (hopefully) respectful tweet but why not drag it in a little more detail?

I guess I don’t hate this person, but get serious, Obama is a terrible person. This isn’t the priority lesson to harp on, but he did preside over repulsive state violence and now it’s ramping up more.

When FDR initiated new deal policies, it was motivated by needing to save “the country” from being ripped apart by revolution. We got some relief from the burdens of industrial slavery. With Obama all we got was PR. No relief. The bankers get to keep killing us. The pharma corps get to keep killing us. The police state grows and grows, they video tape it and nothing confronts it. And yes, there were concentration camps under Obama. Massive deportations too.

So for the comfortable to be mad at the ugly PR of conservative ghouls and not the violence itself just gives the corrupt system a chance to (at some point) pivot to another friendly face of murder and destruction.

This society will fall! Prepare!

Discussin’ Meme Time

The stupidity of these is typically American. The hustle has totally absorbed some people. They are, for now, safely pinned in some pocket of capitalism that somehow still works.

But they aren’t too secure, fear is really the subtext here. They feel the monster coming for them, but if only they work harder. And smarter. Then they can keep the monster at bay. Those who are being consumed currently were obviously just not being sufficiently capitalism. We can ignore them and rather than build solidarity with them we can keep doing what we’re doing.

The idea that Uber is customer centric is a pretty good one. The idea the tactics of Amazon could have been defeated if only the shoppers had been worshipped while shopping. The idea Blockbuster didn’t try out damn every type of pay structure and also tried streaming is not believable.

I’m scared they’re scared. And yet they remain gormless assholes. We’re going to tear each other apart until it’s all over aren’t we?

Once again bitching about someone I’ve never heard of

Ok mr Glass, where do we start? The idea that the Left is for their ideas and doesn’t apologize for it and that is some great crime is something establishment types gaslight themselves with all the time. If you don’t have power you should shut up and not be so egotistical as to think your ideas should be taken seriously, even by yourself.

The right is ascendent, the centrists are sellouts to power, and liberals are there to block the left. Fuck them all, we have the critique, the evidence, and there’s no time to be polite.

The only reason I am not a leftist is that political solutions are not real. Genuine change for the better is impossible politically, and so if the left gained power (lol) they’d merely take over the job of genociding and ecology wrecking, but with correct ideology of course!

Burn it all down!


Political reform and social improvements are now just impractical dreams, so what are we left with? Finding joy in the downfall of terrible shit heads.

Usually great evil is rewarded, but in the case of Aaron Schlossberg you could almost believe in instant karma. Here’s a guy who I’ve seen in three random film clips yelling about people’s right to exist (so imagine how many, many times he’s badgered people) and now there are videos of him being badgered, not even by the class of people he dehumanized and ruined their day, but by enterprising capitalists doing journalism, commodifying his image and his misery.

This lawyer, who has some deep problem that makes him act out when he should be content and happy, was not only harassed but exposed as the weak, pathetic cliche of the bully (which I didn’t even believe existed.)

You can see him calling the cops rather than just walking or running away. Running away would have been more dignified 😂😂😂! What a true punk bitch, that’s the only thing the plutocracy has, that backup force that swoops in to make everything alright for the real people.

That was his fantasy when he yelled at the restaurant staff, that he’d call ICE and have them taken away.

So I hope bad things keep happening to him. I’d rather it be everyone learns Spanish, ICE is disbanded, and common sense takes over, but I think we’ll have to settle for this guy being evicted and becoming a social pariah. I’m petty enough to accept that.

Who’s Whatsis?

It is very hard to decipher Twitter but I put extra effort into this one for some reason.

Baseball Crank responds to Bari Weiss talking about not demonizing things as “alt-right” and Dr Dave Anthony has a rejoinder. I think.

The Crank feels very above the cartoonish Richard Spencer types. When he supports policies that destroy lives and the planet, he is not being fascist about it.

The alt-right are just a dumb group that will soak up the disaffected for a while and dilute the ranks of free thinking weirdos who might become actual radicals (against empire) by selling them an identity based on simplistic racist tropes. And they’ve gotta be totally infected with undercover cops as well! 😆😆😆

So it’s just one more thing that benefits the dominant culture, and yeah, I agree with Dr Anthony they are all nazis. The ones who claim it have their own mental pathology, so what? They are all in favor of killing the planet in one way or another.

It doesn’t impress me when people virtue signal against “nazis” in this day and age (lets still defend against violence and harassment of course) but don’t see that the hyper capitalist system is so beyond nazism and its gearing up for genocide even the dumbest Cranks will be able to see.

On the bright side…

So Obama made fun of Trump years ago and now for that reason we escalate the possibility of a new middle eastern war, led by this impossible shit head.

He didn’t do this on his own. His sad, sick vendetta coming to pass is actually a very logical thing given what civilization is. We made some people very rich by supporting their manufacture of bombs. We built a grotesque society with the aid of oil. These things go together.

If you’re going to praise civilization for tall skyscrapers, trips to the moon, and medical breakthroughs, don’t overlook the other achievements like Trump and acid rain.

Israel and America are the terrorists and I hope they blow themselves up. There’s nothing we can do about it, so enjoy our walk to the gallows!


I laughed at Michelle Wolf’s jokes but the real hilarity will be the reactions. Let’s start with the fact the WHCD is meaningless bullshit.


I forgot the one by Mika; this trick got roasted and tries to “stand up for women” and is offended on behalf of Sarah. We see you, fail-daughter.

Some people get it! Will, Ashley and Jacob are hilarious.

Anyway, obviously all this outrage only makes your new enemy stronger, so why do it? Because you actually want recognition as a humorless scold. That you want to make money from being a hypocritical bag of shit. And it works! Because when a society is murdering the planet, we need all the pointless distraction and reaction we can get. Anyone with half a brain would ignore this if they didn’t like it, but these are some rich motherfuckers getting richer. I wish Michelle all the success in the world.